The premises of the Critical Gallery and the courtyard of the Art House Turku are not fully accessible. The entrances via Hämeenkatu, Nunnankatu and Brinkkala courtyard are uneven cobblestones.

The Critical Gallery is located at street level next to the gateway cone connecting the courtyards of the Art House and Brinkkala in building C.

The gate at the Nunnankatu entrance to the Art House provides unobstructed access to the courtyard area, while the cobblestones of the Brinkkala courtyard have been paved with a stone path to the Critical Gallery. The courtyards are paved with cobblestones. The paving is sandy and the courtyard is sloping in places. There is a threshold at the gallery’s front door, which does not open automatically and is difficult to open. The door is 83 cm wide when fully open.

Guide dogs and pets are welcome in the gallery. However, please keep dogs tethered throughout your visit. Please note that works on display in the exhibition space may not be touched during your visit, unless otherwise stated.

The Critical Gallery follows the principles of a safer space. We welcome all residents and visitors of the area. We do not tolerate violence, racism, harassment or discriminatory behaviour or language on the premises. Respect other people at our events and do not make assumptions or generalisations about them.  If you experience an uncomfortable situation or experience/witness inappropriate treatment, we hope you will report it to the Critical Gallery staff as soon as possible.

There is no public toilet in the Critical Gallery. The nearest accessible public toilets are located on the 1st floor of the Art House building E. In addition, the cafés Café Elephanten and the Book Café are located in the courtyards, which also have toilet facilities for café customers.

Building C is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kilta Gallery and Kino Kilta cinema construction site, which may occasionally cause changes to access routes during 2024.

Accessibility information for the Art House Turku can be found here (atm only in Finnish):

Please note that there is no customer parking in the courtyard. The Critical Gallery is always free of charge.

(Any separate paid events will be announced on our website.)

A warm welcome!