Saturday 15 June 2024 from 2 pm to 4 pm

The event will be recorded

Club venue: The Critical Gallery. NOTE! Gallery opening hours are extended until 8 pm due to the Turku Old Town Celebration.

The topic of the Critical Club is sex work as a form of labour. The discussion relates to the topical citizens’ initiative Right to Work, which demands better working conditions for sex workers. Is the voice of sex workers being heard in decision-making or in discussions about the topic in general? How does a researcher look at the regulation of sex work and Finnish legislation?

The participants in the discussion are sex worker Isa Häkkinen and doctoral researcher Laura Horsmanheimo (University of Helsinki). Opening remarks will be given by artist Teemu Mäki who also acts as the discussion moderator. The event will be recorded.

The event is open and free. WELCOME!