Sunday 5.5.2024 at 2–4 pm

The event will be recorded


When things had been classified in organic categories knowledge moved towards fulfillment.

Given the extreme knowable points, the inarticulate thoughts were defined with precision, the sun’s lance coming to rest on the precise spot verbally.

Having attained this precise verbal definition, this sincerity, they then stabilized their hearts.

They disciplined themselves. Having attained this self-discipline, they set their own houses in order. Having order in their own homes, they brought good government to their own states.

And when their states were well-governed, the empire was brought into equilibrium.

Naarmu ensemble performs at the Critical Gallery on Sunday 5 May 2024 at 14. The event is free of charge. The presentation is part of an extensive and multidisciplinary artistic research on communal learning, centered around Cornelius Cardew’s experimental music theatre work “The Great Learning” (1968–1970).The research is hosted by Tulkinnanvaraista forum for avantgarde music, in collaboration with University of the Arts Helsinki. The libretto of TGL by Confucius encourages personal and collective growth through sincere self-reflection, compassion towards others and striving for balance in turbulent situations.

All enthusiasts – regardless of background and skill – have been invited to participate. We have spent much time together and have been able to build trust in one another. Using this as a tool we’ve learned to make cultivated and harmonious artistic choices and to cherish and support each individual voice.

The event is open and the entry is free of charge.


Critical Club is one of the activities of Critical Gallery: once a month, mostly on a Saturday afternoon, we’ll have an event where a topic we think is important is investigated by the means of critical discussion and art.