Susanna Vuorio, "Jemmaaja", 2024. Öljy kankaalle, 130 x 160 cm.
“Hider”, oil on canvas, 130 x 160cm, 2024 © Susanna Vuorio

Critical Gallery’s second exhibition is a show of paintings by Susanna Vuorio, from Turku. Her paintings deal with everyday life, poverty and getting old.

The works on show have not been previously exhibited in Turku. Most have been completed this spring.

One of the paintings in the show is called “Let’s Make Cuts”. It’s about the people who take the hit of the budget cuts the current government of Finland is making. In some other works Vuorio concentrates on depicting the experience of aging.

Vuorio doesn’t want to preach. She doesn’t want to just illustrate convictions that are already fixed. To her, painting is a way of thinking, telling stories without words.

Her themes are often bleak, but she tries to approach them with compassion and also with humor.

With her sprawling and improvisatory brushwork she encourages the viewer to empathize with the characters, situations and the clamor of life in her paintings.

Susanna Vuorio (b. 1977) is a painter born in Lahti. Nowadays she lives and works in Turku. She studied painting at the Free Art School in Helsinki and completed her studies in 2006. She has exhibited her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She has works in the collections of the State of Finland, the Wihuri Foundation, Tampere Museum of Art and Basware, among others. Vuorio is one of the founding members of the Critical Gallery

Susanna Vuorio thanks the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland for supporting her work.

Susanna Vuorio, Keski-ikä_hiki. 2023. Öljy mdf-levylle, 155 x 125cm.
“Middle age; sweat”, oil on MDF board, 160 x 122cm, 2023 © Susanna Vuorio